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Linear actuatorsLinear actuators

Linear actuators

This type of linear actuator, is an extremely adaptable product, the main strengths turn out to be the small size (L33xA61xP80 mm) and thrust loads (up to 3000 N); the volume of production also allows us to obtain a product with a high quality target at low cost. Customized according to specific customer requirements, is suitable for use in many industrial applications, particularly where changes are required for low voltage (12/24VDC). Among the available options, thermal protector and encoder with Hall effect for control of the position and direction of advance, interfaced with the majority of electronic controls on the market.

Gear motor

The gearmotor series GM is a product that allows, according to the ratio of reduction and the motorization, to have torque from 0,1 to 25Nm and speed of spin from 5 to 1000 RPM. In addition, the shaft can be supplied on specific customer’s request with the additional option of being able to render it with double shaft. Normally life is 1000/1200 hours (continous work) but our suggestionis use our motors in application where time from one cycle and otheris not restrict , in this case is possible reach many cycles (> 30.000).


Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

A Power Belt Kft. számára kiemelten fontos, hogy a vásárlók igényeinek megfelelően alakítsa ki termékkínálatát. Cégünk megbízható, kiváló minőségű Panasonic termékeket kínál a lehető legkedvezőbb áron.
Raktárunkban a szervóhajtás összes kiegészítő eleme megtalálható, amelyek csomagban kedvezőbb áron kaphatóak. Tekintse meg kezdőcsomag kínálatunkat!

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