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9mm clamps

This clamp –produced by MEB- is made of 9mm wide stainless steel band and their edges are rounded so that it will not damage the outer surface of the hose. With this clamp and its housing we can achieve higher pull-on moment and longer lifespan.

12mm clamps

Reinforced clamps -made by Nordic Metalblok- are made of 12mm wide, 0,7mm thick stainless steel (AISI 304) band. Their edges are rounded and you can fix them with their attached welded housing. They are suitable for places where medium pull-on moment (8Nm) is required.


Mini clip for fuel hoses

Gufero mini clips are suitable for thin walled hoses with small diameter. They are made with galvanized steel -W1- 9mm wide, rounded band (but for special request they can also be made of stainless steel -W4-).

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Super heavy-duty hose clamps

Mikalor clamps can be fixed with hexagon head screws and nuts. They can be tightened with high torque. The width of the stainless steel band (AISI 304) can be between 21-26mm. They are available in quality W4.

Double bolt-type clamps

These clamps -produced by MPC- can be fixed with two screws so it is easier and more punctual to assemble them. They can be tightened with very high torque. They are suitable for hoses with high working pressure.

Strip steel and housing kit

With this kit you can make unique sizes from the stainless steel band plus the suitable attachable housing according to special requests.

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Bridge worm-drive hose clips

They are used for fixing spiral hoses with different wall thicknesses. With them spiral hoses can be fixed to hose shanks easily and excellently. Spiral clips ensures stronger bond than spring wire clamps.

Spring wire clamps

Spring wire clamps are ideal for fixing spiral hoses with thin wall thickness. They are made with galvanized steel (W1) but for special request they can also be made of stainless steel (W4).

Safety clamps

LMC safety clamps are made of two parts and you can put the parts together with screws so that they will fit to the outer diameter of the hose perfectly. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel and brass according to EN 14420-3 and DIN 2817 standards.

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Rubber lined clips

Rubber lined clips –produced by Norma- are ideal for fitting hoses to machines or to the wall because they ensure noiseless fixing thanks to their rubber line. The quality of their material is W1 and you can order them with 12-15 and 20mm wide bands.

Air brake clamps

They are ideal for fixing the air brake hoses of vehicles, trucks and trailers. They are available in W1 quality and in sizes from 15 to 35mm. The width of the band depending on the size can be from 12 to 15 mm.



Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

A Power Belt Kft. számára kiemelten fontos, hogy a vásárlók igényeinek megfelelően alakítsa ki termékkínálatát. Cégünk megbízható, kiváló minőségű Panasonic termékeket kínál a lehető legkedvezőbb áron.
Raktárunkban a szervóhajtás összes kiegészítő eleme megtalálható, amelyek csomagban kedvezőbb áron kaphatóak. Tekintse meg kezdőcsomag kínálatunkat!

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