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Rubber hosesRubber hoses

Rubber hoses for water

Multifunctional, flexible rubber hose for delivery and suction of industrial water and some light chemicals. Applied in industry, agriculture, building industry as well as in gardening.

Rubber hoses for cooling systems

This high quality rubber hose with textile reinforcement is for delivering cooling liquids, water and hot water. These Fagumit hoses are highly resistant to twisting, breaking and atmospheric factors.

Rubber hoses for oil

These very light, flexible hoses are for delivering oil, petrol and other fuels. Stomil oil hoses have smooth inner surface and their outer surface can be smooth or can be with cloth impression cover. They are resistant to atmospheric factors.

Rubber hoses for fuel

Very flexible, elastic Fagumit rubber hoses with textile reinforcement assigned to flow of fuels (gasoline, diesel oil, biodiesel fuel, bioethanol). Resistant to atmospheric factors and high temperatures.

Rubber hoses for compressed air

This high quality rubber hose with textile reinforcement is for delivering air, water and light chemicals. These hoses are available with smooth inner surface and with smooth or rough outer surface. They are available in different colors.

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Rubber pneumatic brake hoses

It is used on road vehicles and connects the rigid parts of the hose network in the break system. They are available in diameter 11 and 13 mm.

Rubber hoses for gas

These hoses are produces according to EN 559 standards by Semperit and are suitable for delivering gasses for welding – oxygen and acetylene – and propane-butane gas. They can be used in factories, workshops, households

Rubber hoses for steam

Multifunctional and flexible rubber hose assigned to flow of saturated steam, water and hot water. The cover can be smooth or with cloth impression, resistant to atmospheric factors, ozone and high temperatures.

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Rubber resistant hoses

High quality, resistant Fagumit hose used for suction and pumping of abrasive materials (sand, mortar, gravel, metal filings). The inner tube of these hoses is abrasive wear resistant.

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Rubber hoses for asphalt masses

Rubber hose highly resistant to temperature developed for flow of asphalt masses, mazout, tar and their mixtures. Due to its construction, besides the textile reinforcement one or two steel wire coils are embedded, this hose can be used for both suction and delivery.

Rubber hoses for food industry

Excellent quality food grade hoses for delivery of liquid foodstuff (milk, oil or oily liquids as well as wine, beer, juices, drinking water). Manufactured by IVG Colbachini Spa (IVG Group), multiple layer textile reinforcements and wrapped finish cover.

Rubber hoses for chemicals

Rubber hoses for various applications, assigned to flow of chemicals (acids, bases), organic solutions, alcohols, chemicals, paints, solvents. The hoses are produced by IVG Colbachini Spa and MTG Spa respectively. High strength synthetic cord reinforcements and wrapped finish cover.

Rubber silicone hoses

Venair silicon hoses.

Suction rubber silicone hoses

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