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Rubber elastic elementsRubber elastic elements

Elastic components

The elastic components produced by TECNIDEA CIDUE are mechanical item which exploit the elastic characteristics of rubber for use in various applications. The VIB elastic elements and components with their simple structure and use are distinguished for their high elasticity and ability to absorb impacts, blows, vibrations and oscillations. With these products the designers can replace the obsolete vibration damping, oscillating, shock absorbing and suspension systems avaiding wastes of time and reducing maintenance costs. The VIB internal and external components are manufatured mainly of aluminium and steel and are assembled with natural rubber inserts. External components are coated with highly resistant paint which is the result of an oven heat treatment at 200 °C. All inside parts are protected by a thin layer of sprayed paint in order to maintain dimensional tolerances. The products can be used with temperature ranging from -40 °C to +80 °C even under extreme environmental conditions due to the nature of materials used and the treatment applied which makes them insensitive to dirt and very resistant to water and sunlight.
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VIB oscillating components

The VIB oscillating components are engineered in order to obtain high-performance oscillating conveyors that carry materials of different type and size.
They provide the following improvements
- engineering and production is facilitated
- money saving
- long life and reduced maintenance
- resistance to environmental factors
- multi-faceted applications
Largely used is the mining-quarrying industry, fruit, vegetable and tobacco processing, fodder mixing etc.
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Elastic rotating components

The VIB technology can be applied to produce elastic suspensions for vibrating channels actuated by eccentric rotating masses (example: motor vibrators). Elastic suspensions obtained with VIB technology, given their inserts of natural rubber, generate harmonic vibrations all along the vibrating plane yet avoiding their propagation to the fix structure. Due to the fact that VIB elements have no metal parts in contact they can insulate from electrostatic charges which may be induced by friction while the material in beeing conveyed.
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Anti-dumping supports

Generally inside the machines the vibrations coming from moving parts (example motor) are considered harmful because the uncontrolled propagation of the oscillations can generate many functional failures like early wear of components, deformation of the metal structure and machine traverse while in operation. Furthermore the vibrations can also physically affect the operator. Therefore suitable technical applications are essential in order to protect workers and machines.
Vibrations are damped each time the system frequency is lower than its excitation frequency. This can be obtained by means of steel springs but with scarce results or with VIB anti-dumping supports which are ideal for this application.
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Accessories for elastic elements

With the use of TECNIDEA CIDUE accessories an easy and quick fastening of the elastic elements is obtained. Thanks to the different shapes these accessories are ideal for clamping the elastic components.The use of accessories guarantees safety in operation.


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