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TT Line szíjfeszességmérő

The Optibelt TT Line tension meter it’s operating on acceleration (ACC), and electromagnetic wave (EMW), with the simple and precise using they provide the belt drives ideal setting (tension). The frequency range is between 1-10 Hz (ACC), and 6-600 Hz (EMW). It’s easy and simple to use, easy to read the data because of the large display, and it has a rechargeable battery (USB).

Tension tester

The Optibelt frequency tension testers are useful tools for the installation and checking of belt drives. Two models are available. The TT3 tension tester indicates the right tension when the belt drive parameters are entered and the checking is done by means of frequency measurement. The TT mini does not have any database; it is only for measuring the frequency of vibration.

Optikrik manual gauge

With Optikrik manual gauge the belt tension can be checked easily and accurately. There are four types available each one for a certain well defined tension measurement range. The Optikrik can only be used on V-belts.

Optibelt Laser Pointer II

The Optibelt Laser Pointer II is a tool that facilitates the alignment of belt drives and assists in identifying the most frequent causes of failures: axial offset of pulleys, horizontal and vertical angular deviation. The alignment is checked by means of target magnets and is achieved when all target magnets show the laser beam at the same marking.

Optibelt Measuring gauge

Optibelt Measuring gauge is for measuring the inside length of the belts. It can be fitted on the wall. The measuring range is between: 0-2500 mm.

Optibelt Service-box

The Optibelt Service-box contains one measuring tape, manual measuring gauges, V-belt and pulley groove gauges, ribbed belt groove gauges and one special ball point pen with silver ink that can be used for marking the belt.


Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

A Power Belt Kft. számára kiemelten fontos, hogy a vásárlók igényeinek megfelelően alakítsa ki termékkínálatát. Cégünk megbízható, kiváló minőségű Panasonic termékeket kínál a lehető legkedvezőbb áron.
Raktárunkban a szervóhajtás összes kiegészítő eleme megtalálható, amelyek csomagban kedvezőbb áron kaphatóak. Tekintse meg kezdőcsomag kínálatunkat!

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