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Dust-protection coversDust-protection covers

Dust-protection covers

The covers have two functions in the same time: protect the machine parts from contaminations and do not allow the machine operator reach the moving elements of the machine. The covers are suitable for protecting against shavings, liquids and dust. The products tailor-made and always produced according to the costumer’s requests. The cover material can be thermic-welded, or sewn to the moving profile, too. It can be assembled with protection plates which prevent contaminants and shavings from damaging the cover material.

Roll-Up Covers with Canister

The roll-up covers can be produced from different materials and can be used with extreme speed applications (max. 40m/min, depends on the size). The band material can be neoprene, poliurethane, NBR, silicon or PVC. The canister material can be aluminium, steel or stainless steel. There is a dust wiper on the outer surface of the canister in order to ensure the long working life. Depends on the type, the maximal width can be 1500mm and maximal length can be 4000mm. As a special design, the covers can be ordered with Sure-spring mechanism.

Riveted apron covers

Thanks to its massive protection cover this product is able to protect a whole bottom or upper side of an operation field. We can provide some types for walk-on applications because of the maximal load capacity of 150 kg. This helps the machine operator to get close to the machine walking on the cover. Depending on the type, the maximal moving speed can be 120m/min.

Telescopic steel covers

The telescopic steel cover requires high-quality materials and components, as well as sophisticated manufacturing technologies, in order to ensure a long-life term protection next to high moving speed. Each telescope segment has a wiper which protects the machine from shavings and liquids. Compact, low-speed Telescopic Steel Covers are equipped with special anti-friction brass, while for high speeds or weights, special bearings are inserted.


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