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PVC hosesPVC hoses

PVC hoses

Transparent, flexible pvc hose without reinforcement. Used for delivery of water, drinkable water, air, fuels and checking of different liquids. Available in food grade and fuel resistant version.

PVC hoses for compressed air

Transparent, flexible PVC hoses with textile reinforcement. Food grade compressed air hose is used for delivering air, water, drinkable water and light chemicals. These Valmon hoses are available in a wide range of diameters and working pressures.

PVC hoses for pesticides

Pvc hose with special compound, multilayer textile reinforcements, uv and weather resistant outer tube. Used for water, air, spray liquids. Moderate resistance to oils.

PVC garden hoses

Watering (irrigation) double layer textile reinforcement hose. Used in gardening, households, agriculture. Light and flexible pvc hose.

PVC hoses for drainage

Wastewater hose flexible even at low temperatures. This thick walled PVC suction-delivery hose with smooth inside surface is used for water, wastewater, and chemical fertilizers. This plasticized Baggerman PVC hose with super elastic material is reinforcement with anti-shock rigid PVC spiral.

PVC spiral hoses

Inside surface smooth, outside corrugated, light and flexible pvc hose with spiral reinforcement used for suction of air, dust, fumes. This suction hose is also available in antistatic version and also available in different colors.

PVC suction and delivery hoses

Hoses -produced by Polix- can be used for both suction and delivery of a wide range of liquids (water, drinkable water, juices, wine, light chemicals, oils etc.) and air. They are widely used in agriculture, in food and in building industry. They are suitable for filling and draining of basins and swimming pools and also for household applications.

Flat PVC hoses

Flat pvc water hose with different wall thicknesses. Widely used in agriculture, building industry, irrigation, water conveying and other applications.


Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

Panasonic kezdőcsomagok a Power Belt Kft. kínálatában

A Power Belt Kft. számára kiemelten fontos, hogy a vásárlók igényeinek megfelelően alakítsa ki termékkínálatát. Cégünk megbízható, kiváló minőségű Panasonic termékeket kínál a lehető legkedvezőbb áron.
Raktárunkban a szervóhajtás összes kiegészítő eleme megtalálható, amelyek csomagban kedvezőbb áron kaphatóak. Tekintse meg kezdőcsomag kínálatunkat!

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