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Flexible coupling

The flexible coupling consists of two cast iron hubs and an elastic element placed between them which is resistant to oil, heat and chemicals. The construction allows safe power transmission between driver and driven shafts, absorbing impact loads and torsional vibrations.

Backlash free coupling

The TRASCO-ES® "zero" backlash couplings are manufactured by an accurate machining to achieve extremely precise dimensional characteristics. The hubs are made of either aluminum (up to size 38/45) or steel (above size 42). The elastic elements are made of special polyurethane mixture with different available harnesses: 92 Shore A, 98 Shore A and 64 Shore D.

HRC coupling

HRC taper bored couplings can be easily and quickly fitted on shafts. The elastic element is made of rubber and can be used between -40 C to +100 C temperature range. The couplings can compensate up to 0.5 mm parallel misalignment and up to 1.7 mm axial misalignment.

Toothed coupling

The coupling consists of two toothed hubs which are connected with one internally toothed polyamide bush. SITEX couplings are members of the elastic coupling family. They are the perfect solution for axial, radial and angular misalignments. Thanks to their design they protect from shattering what can be caused by the sudden torque increase. In such a case the inner teeth of the plastic ring will be damaged and the steel hub could spin around continuously without any obstacles. The SITEX FX type is used in hydrostatic drives of harvesting and building machines.

H-Flex tengelykapcsolók (N-eupex)

Lovejoy tipusú tengelykapcsolók

Gumidugós tengelykapcsolók

Fenaflex couplings

Fenaflex coupling is able to compensate the simultaneous maximum deviations without causing non wanted load for the bearing. Because it is a wonderful vibration damper it can reduce the vibration and torsion oscillation. The first version which is made of natural rubber can be used between -50C and +50C, while the second -chloroprene version can work between -15 and +70C temperature.

Metal bellows coupling

Typical metal bellows coupling with accordion-like metal folded elastic membrane which can overcome the axial and angular misalignments as well as clearance of shafts. Used generally on servo-drives and positional switches.

Beam couplings

Beam couplings are ideal for servo motors, robot techniques, health machineries or places where high flexibility and axial balance is required. They are available in aluminum, stainless steel and steel versions.

Flex-P coupling

Double loop coupling uses a moulded plastic element connected to the steel or stainless steel hubs to give a compact design. It forms an effective coupling with exceptional flexibility. Ideal for transmitting rotation in small drives. This coupling type works without friction, wear or noise but due to the low torsional rigidity it is not recommended for high precision positioning applications.

Juboflex couplings

Juboflex couplings thanks to its rubber flexible element can compensate significant angular deviation. Also it can reduce pushing very well. It is made of two metal hubs and one flexible rubber element. According to the sizes it is available with taper bush or in pre-bored versions.

Centaflex tengelykapcsolók

Bipex tengelykapcsoló

Láncos tengelykapcsoló

Sapitflex self lubricating gear coupling

Sapitflex DNS and DNSA self lubricating gear couplings are an advanced development for this family of couplings and consist of a gear hub and a gear ring hub made of carbon steel C45 UNI EN 10083/1. The cylindrical drag elements are made of special self lubricating material and are in condition to support high working loads. The couplings operating temperature is from -20° to +80°C.

Sapitflex disc coupling

Sapitflex disc couplings iconsist of two hubs, some plugs and one or more steel lamellas. Thanks to its design torque can be transmitted continuously through the steel lamellas.
- no lubrification:
- no maintenance:
- high rotation speeds:
- low weight with high torque capacity:
- work in both rotation directions:
- high torsional rigidity:

Sapitflex rigid coupling

Sapitflex rigid couplings have the great advantage of connecting two shafts. They are suitable for applications when misalignment is neither present nor desired.


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