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Lineáris vezeték és kocsiLineáris vezeték és kocsi

Linear guide

Our company, as the official representative of offers linear guides and blocks on an excellent price and value. Our manufacturer is the oldest and one of the most experienced company of Taiwan. They are focusing on linear motion products since 1986; you can see the video about the products and the factory on the following link: TBI MOTION videó.

You can choose from several types of linear rails and blocks according to your request, from the wide product range of . In our range you can find the squared and the flanged version blocks as well. You can assemble any kind of linear blocks to the same type of linear rails, according to the actual accuracy grade. We can make the cutting and machining of the linear rails as per the costumer's request. During ordering you should inform us about the requested distance of the bores, whether you need it simmetric or assimetric. You can order the linear rails and linear blocks in different grades of accuracy and it can be ordered in preloaded version, too.

Hengergörgős vezeték és kocsi

Rögzítő elem profilos vezetékhez

Stainless steel linear guide

Alulins accurate profile rails and ball bearing runner blocks are designed especially for all sorts of linear movements and are therefore suitable for use in most types of machinery. The rails consist of wrought aluminium having two pressedin hardened stainless steel shafts serving as the raceways for the balls of the runner blocks. Advantages are the light weight and corrosiveresistant materials. Fixing holes in the attachment surfaces enable machine parts to be directly mounted onto the runner blocks. With this combination it is possible for us to offer a guide system which achieves a good price/performance ratio.

Self lubricating linear guide

Self lubricating linear guide and block is an economical alternative for replacing the standard linear guides. The material of the rail is aluminium covered with ceramic. The system is ideal for use in vibrating applications and in agressive conditions. The self lubricating linear guide is maintanance-free and the size range is totally equivalent with the standard sizes.

Keresztgörgős lineáris vezeték

Keresztgörgős asztalok

Roller wheel linear guide

The roller linear rail and block is a sophisticated and economical solutions of linear motion. The design of it is very simple. The roller linear rail's body is a precised aluminium profile, the round shaft in that is made from hardened steel. The advantage of this design is that the fixed objects can be moved with high speed and the linear guide doesn't need so much maintanance. There is no need for lubricating, but the sliding surface should be protected from high contamination. The further advantage of the roller linear guide system is the low noise.


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