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The catalogues below contain the sections and range of the wrapped, raw edge moulded cogged, classical and wedge type V-belts.
V-belt length conversion table
Poliuretan WR belt catalogue Slovakian
Poliuretan WR belt catalogue 2 Slovakian
V-belt technical datas
Hexagonal belt catalogue
Cars and Buses v-belt catalogue
Poly-v pelt technical datas
TT3 tools technical datas
Polyflex belt catalogue
Polyflex karftband catalogue
Optikrik user manual
OE and DK belt catalogue
Security datasheet
Mini TT brochure
V-belt measurement tools brochure
Laser pointer brochure
TT optical brochure
Optibelt TT Line catalogue
Variable speed belts
The catalogues below contain the technical data of these belts used for infinitely variable speed control
Variable belt catalogue
Ribbed belts
The technical data of these products which combine the advantageous features of flat belts and V-belts are shown in the catalogues below.
Washing machine belt catalogue
Timing belts
Synchronous transmission elements made of neoprene or polyurethane. The range is shown below.
Optibelt OMEGA timing belts catalogue
Neopren endless timing belt catalogue
Clamping plates catalogue
Omega timing belt technical datas
Inch pitch timing belt technical datas
Poly chain timing belt catalogue 2
Goodyear eagle timing belt catalogue
Endless timing belt catalogue
Special polyurethan timing belts
Polyurethane timing belt catalogue
Delta Chain carbon catalogue
Flat belts
The catalogue below contains the range of the Optibelt high performance endless woven belts.
Optibelt flat belts catalogue
HF 150 flat belt catalogue
The catalogue, containing the technical descriptions of these special construction and composite materials made belts, can be downloaded.
Fenner Nutlink and Supertlink catalogue
Fenner Powertwist catalogue
Optibelt linkbelt katalógus
Polyurethane extruded belts
The following guide presents the technical descriptions and some application recommendations.
Fenner welding kit
Fenner polyurethane belts catalogue
V-belt pulleys
The catalogue contains technical drawings with dimensions and technical information as well as the range of V-belt pulleys.
Sati V-belt pulleys catalogue
Flat-belt pulley catalogue
Pre-bored v-belt pulleys catalogue
Adjustable pulleys catalogue
Variable speed pulleys catalogue
Step pulley catalogue
AN type adaptor catalogue
Ribbed pulleys (for poly-V belts)
The downloadable catalogue contains the most important information on pulley profiles and the standard range.
SIT Poly-V pulleys catalogue
Timing belt pulleys
The catalogues below contain the profiles and technical data of timing belt pulleys and their standard range.
Sati taper bored timing belt pulleys for HTD belts catalogue
Sati pre-bored timing belt pulleys for HTD belts catalogue
Sati taper bored timing belt pulleys catalogue
Sati pre-bored pulleys for inch pitch timing belts catalogue
Sati pre-bored timing belt pulleys for T belts catalogue
Sati pre-bored timing belt pulleys for AT belts catalogue
SIT flanges catalogue
Sati "AT" profile timing bars catalogue
Sati Inch pitch timing bars catalogue
Sati "HTD" profile timing bars catalogue
Sati "T" profile timing bars catalogue
Eagle belt pulley catalogue
Poly chain timing belt catalogue
Spur and bevel gears, racks
The downloadable catalogue contains a lot of useful information besides the technical description of the products
Sati spur gears catalogue
Racks catalogue
Bevel gears catalogue
Spiral bevel gears pair catalogue
Rack for sliding_door catalogue
DELRIN plastic spur gears catalogue
Stainless steel spur gears catalogue
POM plastic spur gears catalogue
Inner toothed gear ring catalogue
Plastic and stainless steel rack catalogue
Round rack katalogue
POM bevel gear catalogue
Taper bushes
The catalogue below contains the technical data of the taper bushes used for fastening the pulleys and sprockets on shafts.
Sati taper bushes catalogue
System-P bush catalogue
Taper bush user manual
Roller chains
The catalogue below contains the technical information for both european and american series roller chains as well as design and calculation hints.
Roller chains catalogue
Extended pin chain catalogue
Hollow pin chain catalogue
Straight plate chain catalogue
Conveyor chain catalogue
Flyer chain catalogue
Welded chain catalogue
Wrought iron chain catalogue
Chains for industrie catalogue
Chain with attachement catalogue
Safety instruction
Sprockets, platewheels
The catalogue below shows the technical information and range of the sprockets and platewheels.
Sati pre-bored sprockets catalogue
Sati platewheels catalogue
Sati Special Standard sprockets catalogue
Sati taper bored sprockets catalogue
Sati idler sprockets catalogue
Sati hardened teeth sprockets catalogue
Ball bearing idler sprockets catalogue
Tecnidea Cidue ball bearing idler sprockets catalogue
Stainless steel sprocket catalogue
Cast iron sprocket catalogue
Duplex sprocket for two simplex chains
The catalogues with the range of TRASCO and SITEX couplings can be downloaded below.
KB1 couplings catalogue
KB2 couplings catalogue
KB3 couplings catalogue
KB4 couplings catalogue
KB5 couplings catalogue
KB6 couplings catalogue
KB7 couplings catalogue
KBK BI safety coupling catalogue
KBK E safety coupling catalogue
Sapitflex selflubricating gear couplings catalogue
KBK metal bellows coupling full catalogue
Sapitflex disc coupling catalogue
Sapitlfex elastic coupling catalogue
KBK EK torque limiter coupling catalogue
Flex-P coupling catalogue
3 beam coupling catalogue
6 beam coupling catalogue
Juboflex catalogue
Flex-P coupling catalogue Slovakian
Fenaflex coupling catalogue
Bowex Junior catalogue 2
H-flex coupling catlogue
Flexible coupling catalogue
Taper bored coupling catalogue
Cardan shaft coupling catalogue
Trasco-ES coupling catalogue
Trasco-ES "A" coupling catalogue
HRC coupling catalogue
Sitex coupling catalogue
Sitex FL coupling catalogue
Torque limiter catalogue
CF type of coupling catalogue
Couplings for barrel element catalogue
Centaflex CF-A coupling catalogue
Centaflex CF-H coupling catalogue
Lovejoy type of coupling catalogue
Chain coupling catalogue
Rigid coupling catalogue
Bipex coupling spider catalogue
Belt and chains tensioners, elastic rotating components
The catalogues with the technical data of the belt and chain tensioner elements are downloadable here.
CRESA catalogue page 2-9
CRESA catalogue page 10-19
TENBLOC catalogue page 1-10
TENBLOC catalogue page 11-27
ARCO catalogue page 2-4
ARCO catalogue page 5-7
ARCO catalogue page 8-11
ARCO catalogue page 12-15
ARCO catalogue page 16-20
ARCO catalogue page 21-31
Asso catalogue page 2-9
Asso catalogue page 10-19
Asso catalogue page 20-23
VIB Elastic rotating component catalogue page 1-11
VIB elastic rotating component catalogue page 12-19
VIB elastic rotating component catalogue page 20-24
VIB elastic rotating component catalogue page 25-41
VIB elastic rotating component catalogue page: 42-53
VIB elastic rotating component catalogue page: 54-62
VIB elastic rotating component catalogue page: 63-72
Blu catalogue 34-39 pages
Blu catalogue 29-33 pages
Blu catalogue 19-28 pages
Blu catalogue 10-18 pages
Blu catalogue 02-09 pages
CIAO catalogue 8-15 pages
CIAO catalogue 2-7 pages
Ten Joy catalogue
Roll-Ring catalogue
Universal chain tensioner catalogue
Cardan joints
The downloadable catalogue contains the entire range and technical information of the cardan joints.
Cardan joints catalogue
G series single cardan joints catalogue
G series cardan shafts catalogue
G series double cardan joints catalogue
Cardan joint protection muff catalogue
G sorozatú kardáncsukló technikai paraméterei
Splined shaft catalogue
Splined bushes catalogue
Extensible transmissions catalogue 2
Extensible transmissions catalogue 3
Extensible transmissions catalogue 4
Stainless steel cardan catalogue
Stainless steel double cardan catalogue
Locking devices, Trantorque keyless bushings
The catalogue contains the dimensions range and important technical information.
Sati locking devices catalogue
FENNER Trantorque "M" series catalogue
Fenner Trantorque GT catalogue
Detailed technical information and the full range of hose types can be downloaded below.
Acetylene hose catalogue
Hose for asphalt masses catalogue
Car cooling system hose catalogue
Food (wine) hose catalogue
Steam hose (4bar) catalogue
Steam hose (6bar) catalogue
Sandblast hose catalogue
Cooling system hose catalogue
Hose for abrasive materials catalogue
LPG hose catalogue
Plaster hose catalogue
Oil suction and delivery hose catalogue
Oil hose (6bar) catalogue
Oil hose (16bar) catalogue
Welding hose - oxygen catalogue
Propane - butane hose catalogue
Hose for compressed air (20bar) catalogue
Compressed air hose catalogue
Fuel hose (without reinforcement) catalogue
Suction hose for acids and bases catalogue
Hose for acids and bases catalogue
Food (milk) hose catalogue
Silikon hose catalogue
Fuel hose catalogue
Chemical hose catalogue
Hose for paint and solvent catalogue
Water hose catalogue
Suction and delivery water hose catalogue
Pvc hose (without reinforcement) catalogue
Pvc fuel hose catalogue
Pvc transparent spiral hose catalogue
Pvc blue spiral hose catalogue
Pvc swimming-pool hose catalogue
Pvc garden hose catalogue
Pvc oil suction hose catalogue
Pvc (blue) agricultural hose catalogue
Pvc (green) agricultural hose catalogue
Pvc compressed air hose catalogue
Pvc drainage hose catalogue
Pvc wine hose catalogue
Pvc steel-wire suction hose catalogue
Pvc food suction hose catalogue
Pvc suction hose catalogue
Silicone suction hose catalogue
Polyurethane spiral hose catalogue
Polyurethane antistatic spiral hose catalogue
Pvc flat hose catalogue
Steel suction hose catalogue
Suction hose for high temperature catalogue
Suction hose for extra high temperature catalogue
Pneumatic spiral hose catalogue
Exhaust gas hose catalogue
Pneumatic hose catalogue
Csavaros tömlőbilincs katalógus
Dupla csavaros tömlőbilincs katalógus
Méretrevágható tömlőbilincs katalógus
9mm szalagszélességű tömlőbilincs katalógus
12mm szalagszélességű tömlőbilincs katalógus
9mm szalagszélességű rozsdamentes tömlőbilincs katalógus
12mm szalagszélességű rozsdamentes tömlőbilincs katalógus
Kétrészes tömlőbilincs katalógus
Double wire screw catalogue
Mini hose clamp catalogue
Storz coupling catalogues
Kamlok coupling catalogues
TW coupling catalogues
Food coupling catalogues
Gullemin coupling catalogues
Triclamp coupling catalogues
Steam coupling catalogues
Hose end catalogues
Flange coupling catalogues
Compressed air hose coupling catalogues
GK coupling catalogues
Pneumant coupling catalogues
Nipples coupling catalogues
Cardan coupling catalogue
Hose mender catalogue
PU food hoses catalogue
PU food hoses catalogue 2
PU reinforced hoses catalogue
PU heat resistant hoses catalogue
PU compressed air hoses catalogue
PU pull-push hoses catalogue
PU with thick wall hoses catalogue
Storz coupling accesories catalogue
Air brake clamp catalogue
Fire hose catalogue
Rubber pneumatic hose catalogue
Bridge worm-drive hose clips catalogue
Teflon hose catalogue
Straight silicone cooling hose catalogue
Silicon elbow cooling hose catalogue
Benzinkút tömlő katalógus
Hose trolley catalogue
DS3 steam hose catalogue
IW6 water hose catalogue
MP20 universal rubber hose catalogue
Rubber plaster hose catalogue
Silo hose for food industry catalogue
Silo hose catalogue
TM1 Flexoil hose catalogue
TM30 rubber oil hose catalogue
Twin welding hose catalogue
Wheels and castors
The technical description and other information based on series of wheels are available below.
Wheels series 22
Wheels series 23
Wheels series 31
Wheels series 32
Wheels series 32AE
Wheels series 33
Wheels series 34
Wheels series 35
Wheels series 37
Wheels series 37AE
Wheels series 51
Wheels series 52
Wheels series 53
Wheels series 60
Wheels series 61
Wheels series 63
Wheels series 64
Wheels series 65
Wheels series 66
Wheels series 67
Wheels series 68
Wheels series 69
Wheels series 71
Wheels series 72
Wheels series 73
Wheels series 74
Wheels series 75
Wheels series 76
Wheels series 77
Wheels series 78
Wheels series 82
Cable protection tube and clamp catalogue
36 series wheel catalogue
38 series wheel catalogue
Directions for use
Useful information for use of some of our products can be read below.
Taper bush mounting instructions
Here useful information, printable forms, documents can be found that can help your day to day work.
Typical belt problems
Optibelt TT3 description
Optbelt TT3 user manual hungarian language
Optibelt mini TT user manual hungarian language
Optikrik user manual hungarian language
Complaint Form for Agropower belts
Complaint Form for belt drives
Motor slides
All the technical data needed for installation can be found on the downlodable product datasheet.
SL motor slides catalogue
TC motor slides catalogue
Timing belts with backings
The catalogue contains the description of different types of backings and the technical information of the base belts.
Elatech timing belts catalogue
Coating belt catalogue
Belt and chain guide
Murtfeldt belt and chain guide catalogue.
Murtfeld belt and chain guide catalogue
Linear items
You can download the technical catalogues of the trapezoidal screws and nuts
Trapezoidal screws and nuts catalogue
CTJ linear unit catalogue
CTV linear unit catalogue
MRJ linear unit catalogue
MTJ ECO linear unit catalogue
MTJ linear unit catalogue
MTJZ linear unit catalogue
MTV linear unit catalogue
TBI MOTION ball screw and ball nut catalogue
TBI MOTION linear guide catalogue
TBI MOTION bearing support catalogue
DTE bearing support catalogue
TBI MOTION ball spline catalogue
Linear bearing catalogue
DTE ballscrew and nut catalogue
Accuracy standard table
Screw end nut catalogue
Type MLE linear motor catalogue
Type MLU linear motor catalogue
Saibo type LGA linear guide catalogue
Saibo type LGB linear guide
CTS type CI linear guide catalogue
CTS "AV" "AD "AG" system catalogue
CTS products applications
TBI MOTION quality certificates
MLL linear stage catalogue
Mini-rail linear guideways catalogue
GLF linear guideways catalogue
N type SHIFT CHAIN energy chain catalogue
CPS CABLECHAIN energychain catalogue
E type SHIFT CHAIN energy chain catalogue
S type SHIFT CHAIN energy chain catalogue
Shift chain N type chain guide catalogue
E type SABIN CHAIN energy chain catalogue
N type SABIN CHAIN energy chain catalogue
CR típusú SABIN CHAIN energy chain catalogue
KTA and KTC shaft support catalogue
Servo motor coupling catalogue
Motor bracket catalogue
Nut bracket catalogue
Square bellow inquiry form
Round bellow inquiry form
Standard bellow for TBI MOTION guide
Linear motor questionary form
Linear uint questionary from
Shift chain ES energy chain catalogue
GMU linear unit catalogue
MAU linear unit catalogue
Special roll up cover catalogue
Fabric material list
WON miniature linear guide catalogue
Roll up cover catalogue
Telescopic cover catalogue
Robo-kit catalogue
Parts on the robot arm
Radia linear guide catalogue
Panasonic SF2B_catalogue.pdf
Panasonic SF2B catalogue.pdf
LAT linear actuator catalogue
LATT linear actuator catalogue
MINI LAT linear actuator catalogue
Gear motor catalogue
UGA040 linear guidway catalogue.pdf
UNIGUIDE D linear guideway catalogue.pdf
Panasonic Minas-BL GP motor catalogue
Panasonic Minas-BL GV motor catalogue
Panasonic Minas-BL KV motor catalogue
HELIX chain catalogue
REVOLVING chain catalogue
Dustproof catalogue
PEC gearhead catalogue.pdf
PEE gearhead catalogue.pdf
PGC gearhead catalogue.pdf
PGE gearhead catalogue.pdf
PGH gearhead catalogue.pdf
PGLH gearhead catalogue.pdf
PGRH gearhead catalogue.pdf
PUL gearhead catalogue.pdf
HMwin sample apps and trainings
HMwin v200-265 software (30 days trial)
Symkeys hm 251
GTwin operation guide
GTwin software ver. 314
Panasonic Minas A5 servo catalogue.pdf
Panasonic Minas A5 Technical Catalogues.zip
Panasonic Minas A5B technical catalogues.zip
Panasonic Minas A5N technical catalogues.zip
Panasonic Minas BL technical catalogues.zip
Panasonic Minas LIQI servo catalogue.pdf
Panasonic Minas LIQI technical catalogues.zip
Panasonic ADD-ON Panaterm software for Minas Liqi
Panasonic Panaterm software for Minas A5 32bit
Panasonic servo selection software Mselect3 v3160
Panasonic servo selection software for Minas BL Mselect3 v3160
Panasonic Panaterm software for Minas BL comma V50
Panasonic Servo selectiontool
Alulinear guide with measurement system catalogue.pdf
Curvelinear system catalogue
GRVP cross roller rail set catalogue
CPS roboway introduce material
Standard motorized positioners catalogue
Alignment motorized positioners catalogue
Manual positioners catalogue
Precision motorized positioners catalogue
GRA cross roller table catalogue
GRB cross roller table catalogue
GRH cross roller table catalogue
GRM cross roller table catalogue
GRS cross roller table catalogue
Silentblocks catalogues
Silentblocks catalogue
A3EL1 type foot catalogue
A4EA type foot catalogue
Electric motors and gearboxes
CH type of gerabox catalogue
CHC type of gearbox catalogue
Type ZP right angle gearbox catalogue
Type DZ right angle gearbox catalogue
Stainless steel right angle gearbox catalogue
3 pahse MS type of electric motor catalogue
1 phase MYT type of electric motor catalogue
TA series motor catalogue
Worm gearbox catalogue
Gearbox accessoriescatalogue
Variable gearbox catalogue
MSI100 manual.pdf
MSI10 manual.pdf
MSI200 manual.pdf
Precision gear motor catalogue
VI worm gearbox catalogue
Rubber sheets
A gumilemezek technikai paraméterei tölthetőek le a következő linkeken.
Rubber sheet catalogue
Support units
These catalogues for machine builder. You can see in the catalogues foot, bearing support, handwheels, hinges.
Bearing support units catalogues
Handwheel catalogue
Control handwheel catalogue
4 spokes handwheel catalogue
Fixed and indexed crank catalogue
Control handwheel with indicator catalogue
F type handwheel catalogue
G type handwheel catalogue
H type handwheel catalogue
I type handgrips catalogue
L type wingnuts and T handles catalogue
B type bridge handle catalogue
B2 type bridge handle catalogue
A type fixed and indexed lever catalogue
Hinges catalogue
Support base catalogue
Bearing head catalogue
Side mounting top bracket catalogue
Guide rail bracket catalogue
Knobs catalogue
Guide rail clamp catalogue
Clamp catalogue
Split collars cataolgue
Roller guide catalogue
Modular transfer roller catalogue
Return roller catalogue
Return roller with rubber catalogue
Bearing support for conveyor rollers catalogue
Bearing support for conveyor rollers catalogue 2
Stainless steel hinges catalogue
M type of handwheel catalogue
Drip tray support catalogue
Bakelit knob catalogue
GBD cross roller rail set catalogue
GBV cross roller rail set catalogue
GRD cross roller rail set catalogue
GRDP cross roller rail set catalogue
GRV cross roller rail set catalogue
GRC cross roller table catalogue
Reel with gasoline hose catalogue
Reel with gas hose catalogue
Reel with oil hose catalogue
Reel with pressure air hose catalogue
Reel with oil suction hose catalogue
Reel with chemical hose catalogue
Reel with water hose catalogue
Reel with lubrication system hose catalogue


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